World In Upheaval (A Poem)

admin2021January 7, 2023

So what was learned from the recent invasion
Of alien viruses into our bodies and lives?
Why, we learned to live with the intrusion
And keep tally of who lives and who dies.

“Seventeen thousand cases, today’s tally revised,
With four hundred and ninety five hospitalized,
Seven on ventilators, while eighteen have died.”
None “sadly” though for those who haven’t survived.

So, off we go in search of far-off climes,
To bathe in pools of complacent smugness,
While the death-toll tally stealthily climbs,
For the once “regrettably” dead nameless.

Just to prove that recent events were but a fluke,
Off we march to kill our neighbors and rule their lands
While fingering worry beads strung with nukes,
Set for the command to create new wastelands.

“Two thousand soldiers were reported killed today,
With six million deaths world-wide from Covid to date.”
Numbers without body bags or truth to display
The shame we should feel for an evil human trait.

See the thread-bare bear wake from hibernation,
And lash out with ‘Sputnik’ overconfidence!
A mangy beast suffering from a nasty affliction;
Born of delusion and powered by incompetence.

Watch as a dragon stirs, set to self-immolate,
Smoldering within from embers of anger and hate
As mere mortals rise to reject its right to regulate
With power to command, control and eradicate.

Behold an exhausted and spent eagle with wings clipped;
An on-looker with mythical memories of past greatness.
Grounded by impotence, it can only offer wordy prescript
To a global menagerie about to plunge into madness.

A madness that created a world of plenty and more,
In which the means of life can no longer be obtained,
But where virtual Edens can be lived forevermore,
As Techno-priests have long preached and ordained.

And what of our supreme God of the Economy?
A milestone million lives have by one nation
Been sacrificed on the altar of its ideology
With many a pious prayer and alt-truth incantation.

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