Why is League of Legends so Popular in the Esports Scene

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The League of Legends is the first video game that was introduced as free for all, and it is one of the main reasons being popular among the gaming community. The publisher earned revenue from selling merchandise that provided no other benefit else aesthetics. This free mode attracted players to enter League of Legends to experience immersive gaming. Soon almost every player started trying their hand at the game. In esport, the competitive nature of the title inched it towards the hall of fame. A team of five fights against another team to test their skill and endurance power. Every player wants to pave the way to success; few reach the apex.

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Fast and furious

Perhaps League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. It is a team-based sport where a squad wants to outnumber the other, deploying various strategies and skills. The aim is to shatter the opponent`s nexus before they break ours. It is not a simplistic FPS game; it is a fast and furious game needing the utmost strategies. The teams are assigned various missions and rewarded with bullion if accomplished. There are hosts of hacks and cheats from Lavicheats that enhance your performance and reflex. The jungle timer is the most effective and popular hack used in league of legends, as it permits you to precisely track spawn time in jungle crawls.

Exciting and stimulating

Cutthroat competition is the essence of league of legends. While you inch up in the rank, you feel you have achieved something worthwhile. As you develop as a gamer, you get rewards, but the ecosystem is full of toxicity and frustration as the nature of the game is too competitive at every turn, and you encounter a veteran player. If you are a proficient player, you enter into League of Legends, Challenger, only the best of the best play in that arena. It is exciting to play and stimulating to watch video games. This makes it phenomenal from an esport perspective.

Global tournament

Another cause of League of Legends’ popularity in esport is the focus on explicit regions. The developer hosts global tournaments players of varied skills from different regions gather to pit against each other. Local teams create a feeling of bonding that encourages gamers to cheer best among them. The electrifying environment of the arena encourages the aspirant to perform better. For instance, in South Korea, people appreciate the video game industry attracting significant sponsorship in a league of legends. The sponsor tries to draw the best talents from other regions to make the team victorious. 

Competition between the best

The international tournament has always been an integral aspect of the league of legends. It inherently showcases competition between the best, as only winning teams from regions participate in the contest. League of Legends hosts two international competitions, namely, Mid-Season Invitation (MSI) and the World Championship. The latter one is the major tournament where the pool prize is enormous, and various media stream it lives. Live streaming makes it a popular esport as fans and players watch it live. Many famous esport personalities participate in the esport of league of legends that, bring the event into the limelight.

Live to stream 

The phenomenon is akin to how people watch live sports like soccer and basketball. Even casual soccer and basketball players watch with amazement how professional players perform. There is a sense of thrill, unity, and entertainment, league of legends cracks the right chemistry, and that is the reason why it is the most persistent esport in recent times.

Hundred million active players

League of Legends is perhaps the most renowned video game in the world, played by over a hundred million active players. This huge player base made it the most prominent esport on the earth at the 2016 league of legends world championship, which continued for five weeks and attracted over three hundred ninety-six million viewers, which is extraordinary for any genera of esport. To enjoy watching the game, you need to understand its basic structure of it before you plunge into detail. 

Wide variety of gameplay

The number of gameplay differentiates league of legends from other titles; this wide variety is not found in other popular video games. As a player, you chose a role of a champion. There are over a hundred varied champions to select from, each with its own attributes and skills. The skill factor is the most crucial aspect of the game. A single error can ruin the team`s effort during a competitive game. Every mistake comes with a grave consequence that is absent in other titles. It is common in matches that extend to an hour where a split-second inaccuracy or fleeting misjudgment ends the game abruptly.

There are several factors that make league of Legends one of the best esport of modern times. First is the easy accessibility as it is free for all, and second is the intensely competitive nature of the game. The developers update the game to keep it fresh and vivid. 

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