Why Eldritch Blast Is A D&D Cliché Worth Using

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Eldritch Blast may be the most stereotypical warlock spell in Dungeons & Dragons, but it has good reason to be in every warlock’s spell list.

Eldritch Blast is the most stereotypical tool of warlocks in Dungeons and Dragons, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best. Warlocks will collect a lot of spells and powers over the course of a campaign thanks to their patrons, but even with such a large arsenal, a warlock will always come back to using Eldritch Blast, eventually.

Eldritch Blast is one of the many cantrips in Dungeons and Dragons, and it is exclusively available to Warlocks. Despite being arguably the most famous cantrip in DnD, it’s not the strongest in terms of pure numbers, with some such as Fire Bolt capable of dealing more damage up-front. Even so, Eldritch Blast has a few special properties that make it one of Dungeons and Dragons‘ best cantrips. In fact, the way that warlocks can change Eldritch Blast to their advantage makes it among the best spells in their entire spell list.


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Eldritch Blast Is A Warlock’s Best Cantrip In D&D

A warlock casting a spell in Dungeons & Dragons. He stands on a fiery backdrop with a spellbook in front of him and arms outstretched with two magic circles surrounding his hands

Eldritch Blast is less of a spell and more like a warlock class skill. This is largely due to the warlock’s Eldritch Invocations, a class ability that is first unlocked at level 2, that offers a variety of abilities that are useful to warlocks. This includes such things as the ability to cast Levitate at will without using a spell slot, or gaining the ability to read all forms of writing regardless of language.

A few of the Eldritch Invocations are specifically designed to function with Eldritch Blast, modifying the spell with various effects. While a warlock’s Eldritch Invocations in Dungeons and Dragons are worth carefully considering, those that modify Eldritch Blast can be quite enticing. This is especially true as the player receives more Invocations, and therefore more chances to upgrade.

Eldritch Invocations Make D&D’s Eldritch Blast Even Better

D&D Warlock with a magic skull staff stands on a green backdrop

The simplest of the Eldritch Blast modifications, Agonizing Blast, uses the warlock’s charisma modifier to deal bonus damage with each blast, whereas Lance of Lethargy makes Eldritch Blast reduce an enemy’s movement speed by feet, keeping them from approaching for a counterattack. Similarly, Repelling Blast makes every hit from Eldritch Blast push opponents 10 feet away, which gets especially strong as the warlock levels up and can fire more shots per cast. To make matters better, multiple Invocations can be used at once, stacking multiple effects to make Eldritch Blast even stronger. This makes Eldritch Blast the perfect cantrip for creative DnD players, as it is arguably the most customizable spell in the game.

Eldritch Blast being a cantrip only incentivizes warlocks to use it even more. As a cantrip, they have limitless access to it, able to use it in every single turn of a battle if they choose. When taking into account how effective an Eldritch Blast upgraded with Invocations can be, it can be even more useful than the warlock’s leveled spells. It should be mentioned that Eldritch Blast inflicts force damage, which very few creatures and characters can avoid.

A warlock could effectively use Eldritch Blast as their primary, or even sole method of attack, saving their other spells for special occasions. Aside from choosing one of DnD‘s best warlock patrons, Eldritch Blast is one of the most important pieces of any warlock build. While warlocks in Dungeons and Dragons are expected to have Eldritch Blast, its strength makes it essential.

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