Tom Cavanagh “Always Knew” He’d Return

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The CW’s acclaimed superhero series, The Flash, will bring things to a thrilling conclusion. In the show’s four-part finale, Grant Gustin‘s Barry Allen faces his greatest nemesis, Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh), who has returned to the Central City to make the titular hero’s life a living hell once more. As the award-winning series is coming to an end, Cavanagh revealed that he has always known that he’ll return to the show one day to fight against The Flash and expressed his desire to tell Reverse-Flash’s story in a spin-off.

The actor’s return to the show was an early farewell gift for fans who have followed the show since its debut in 2014. But for him, he has always known that the day of his return will come. In an interview with Deadline, the actor was asked to elaborate on how he felt when he got the call to make one final appearance on the show. To which he said: “I always knew it would happen. [The show] started out Flash versus Reverse-Flash for the whole Season 1. I think it was some of the best, taut script writing that we encountered on The Flash. Season 1 was just very much driven and in a strange way, simple is sometimes better in television.”


Cavanagh, who has worked with the show’s executive producer Greg Berlanti on several shows, had anticipated that his character would be like a Joker and Batman situation, where “Joker needs Batman” to make their rivalry the focal point of the story. So when Berlanti came up with the idea to introduce different characters on the show, the actor added:

“To have a successful first season and be invited back, the awareness was quickly like, ‘Well, we can’t do that again.’ We can’t do Flash versus Reverse-Flash, and Reverse Flash was the reason I had signed on to the show. And so I was kind of like, ‘Well, thank you. All the best. Wishing nothing but success.’ But then Greg had the idea of coming up with different [characters]. I created a number of them on this run. But the understanding was always like, Joker needs Batman. So [the end] will look a lot the way we came in with Reverse-Flash there. So I was always aware that, as per what Greg and I sort of agreed on at the beginning, that’s how it would play out.”

Grant Gustin in The Flash Series Finale
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On a possible Reverse-Flash spin-off, the actor also added that he is more than willing to once again return and wear “the cool and elegant yellow suit” to tell Reverse-Flash’s story. He continued:

“The nice thing about playing the main villain is the departure is never really final. Even to this day, if you watch the finale, you’re well aware that a blast like that wouldn’t kill the Reverse-Flash. So there’s always room for a Reverse-Flash spin off, which I’m more than willing to don that cool and elegant yellow suit once again and tell the Reverse-Flash spinoff story.”

Why Reverse-Flash’s Return Is a Great Way to End Barry Allen’s Story?

While The Flash has had his fair share of enemies over the course of the show’s nine seasons, Reverse-Flash remains his greatest enemy for one reason alone: the antagonist’s ultimate goal of torturing the titular hero forever. That’s especially true when he travels back in time just to wreck Barry Allen’s life whenever he wants. And bringing him back in the series finale will also bring forth an exciting plot line for the protagonist, fighting against his Season 1 foe to end things once and for all.

The Flash aired its series finale last night.

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