The Rock Accepts BLACK ADAM Failure?

admin2021January 8, 2023

We reported on a stinging Variety article last week that laid bare some of the drama around the DCU and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s efforts to exert some control over direction and bring the character of Black Adam to the fore.

Johnson was said to have upset people internally by going over heads and pitching plans directly to David Zaslav about a multi-year Black Adam and Superman plan. That seemed set to go, until new DC Films chiefs Peter Safran and James Gunn no doubt reminded Zaslav of their hiring terms and contractual agreements around total creative control. We are imagining contracts were shaken angrily in faces, only because it is funnier that way.

Black Adam

Cavill had a brief cameo at the end of Black Adam, but that was it. Now Johnson’s time in the DCU is one-and-done. Poor reviews and the huge budget making profit elusive has sealed the fate of Black Adam once and for all.

Now Johnson has addressed this in a video on social media and addresses it through talking about some advice he received in the past, about “having the guts to fail”.

Johnson has said that he and James Gunn had conversations and Black Adam will not be in the first part of their plan.

Johnson’s next project is Christmas-set action-adventure Red One with Chris Evans that is set for a Christmas 2023 release. Hold up, didn’t we just get done with Christmas? Too soon!

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