The 5 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows to Learn Spanish?

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Science fiction movies are fun to watch, whether by yourself or with friends. They often throw various questions at viewers, forcing them to view certain things in a new light. Besides, they can also be educational. So, if you’re learning Spanish and looking to have a good time, consider watching the 5 shows covered in this article.

Naming Top Sci-Fi TV Shows to Help You Learn Spanish

There are many great Sci-Fi movies today, but many are in English. While there might be the occasional voice-over audio available, nothing beats authentic sound, especially when trying to learn a language. So, here are the 5 best Spanish Sci-Fi shows you can watch today:

  • La zona
  • Offworld
  • Paradise
  • The Girl from Yesterday
  • The Ministry of Time


  1. La zona

The story of La zona follows the activities of a detective that returns to work 3 years after a nuclear disaster in Northern Spain. Due to the radiation fallout, an exclusion zone was created around the place. However, the detective’s help is needed following the brutal murder of a man who dies in the zone. The filmography in this TV show is great, and the plot is very intriguing. It’s a great show to watch whether or not you’re learning Spanish.

  1. Offworld

A solar storm is something scientists have offered many theories on. Much research is still being done on the topic. It’s commonly agreed that in a solar storm, we might see the collapse of power grids, communication lines, and electronic devices. All these events would undoubtedly greatly impact human existence, and Offworld aims to explore this in detail. Based on the podcast El gran apagón, Offworld tells the story of how some humans survive a solar storm and attempt to recreate the technology we take for granted today.


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  1. Paradise

This TV show is set in the 1990s and follows the disappearance of 3 girls. After numerous attempts to find the girls fail, one of the girl’s younger brothers, Javi, decides to take matters into his hands and searches for the girls with the help of 3 others. In Paradise, also called Paraíso, there’s a lot of drama and mystery to the story that you’ll find yourself bingeing episode after episode. The dialogue between the characters is diverse enough that your Spanish is bound to benefit. 


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  1. The Girl from Yesterday

La Chica de Ayer, as it’s known in Spanish, is a show that follows the experiences of a modern-day policeman as he’s transported to the year 1977. As you can imagine, the shocking experience of waking up in the past was strange for our protagonist. Sadly, the show wasn’t renewed for a second season. However, the directors made two season finales, with the one being aired aimed to conclude the story for viewers.

  1. The Ministry of Time

A lot of thinking has gone into time travel as it’s a fun topic with many questions. For instance, if time travel was possible, why haven’t we seen people from the future? Also, wouldn’t travel into the past cause a temporal paradox? The TV show “The Ministry of Time” or “El Ministerio del Tiempo” attempts to answer as it follows the activities of a team of investigators that are part of the Ministry of Time. Their secret organization works together with the Spanish government to protect time and space.



Learning Spanish requires time and effort. However, sometimes, the learning methods you choose to use can make the process of mastering a new language fun and exciting. This is why it’s a good idea to spice things up with entertaining yet educational content. So, next time you want to relax by the TV, why not watch a nice Sci-Fi show in Spanish?


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