Tears Of The Kingdom Is A Pretty Good Star Wars Game

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers the most player freedom in the series to date, and one fan has even managed to turn Link’s latest adventure into a pretty impressive Star Wars-esque game by building a TIE Fighter. In introducing a new set of powers for the Hero of Time, TOTK lets users build and create vehicles from cars to walking robots, with the only limit being players’ imaginations.


Hyrule might be worlds away from any Galaxy Far Far Away, but TikTok user jonthesaucegod creatively blended Zelda and Star Wars with their impressive Tears of the Kingdom ship. The viral build uses the game’s many building materials – including Zonai fans and rockets – along with Link’s Ultrahand ability, with the result being a near-perfect replica TIE Fighter (or, more specifically, the TIE/IN Interceptor). Check out the video below.

Taking the TIE Interceptor to the skies in the TikTok video, it’s easy to see why the build has over 140,000 likes at the time of writing, as it’s certainly an admirable feat of in-game engineering.

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Anything Is Possible In Tears Of The Kingdom

TOTK Using Ultrahand To Create Vehicles

Viral builds quickly took off following the release of TOTK, with users quick to build robots, giant mechs, and rockets to reap destruction upon the lands of Hyrule. Building is a new addition to the Zelda series, but the game’s robust toolset of abilities and its many different building materials make it easy for players to build almost anything they can think of. While Link won’t be facing off against Darth Vader as the final boss, one can certainly pretend that’s the case with a build like jonthesaucegod’s.

The deeper one gets into Tears of the Kingdom, the more their building skills can improve thanks to the unlocking of new Zonai materials and new areas, and while building can be a little limited during the early-game, it’s well worth adventuring further to access new abilities and skills. One of the best – but most easily-missable – unlocks in the game is the Autobuild ability, which lets the user save their builds for easy replication later on. By doing this, it’s possible to create a whole army of TIE Fighters and Interceptors, truly turning Tears of the Kingdom into a pretty good Star Wars game.

The Zelda and Star Wars series don’t share too many similarities outside of creative player builds and homages, and it doesn’t seem likely that Nintendo would ever want to canonically ever send Link into space. However, TOTK makes anything possible with a little imagination, as proven by jonthesaucegod and their Star Wars x Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom build.

Source: jonthesaucegod/TikTok

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