Superman Cosplay Proves Jon Kent Is Already a DC Icon

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This Superman cosplay’s detailed attention to Jon Kent’s costume (as well as his character) shows just why Jon is becoming an essential DC icon.

This new Superman cosplay proves once and for all that Jon Kent has earned a place as a DC icon. Jon hasn’t been around quite as long as other DC characters—especially his father, the original Superman—but this cosplay shows just why Jon has become such an essential character in a short amount of time.

Jon Kent first appeared during 2015’s Convergence event and later went on take the Superboy title, solving intergalactic problems with his best friend, Robin (Damian Wayne). Through a series of time travel misadventures involving a kidnapping by Earth-3’s Ultraman, Jon was aged up to a teenager, at which point he also spent time with the 31st century’s Legion of Super-Heroes. When Jon returns to his own time, he inherits his father’s Superman mantle when Clark leaves Earth on a quest to save the people of Warworld. Jon more than earns the name “Superman” during the events of his solo series, Superman: Son of Kal-El. Between freeing the nation Gamorra from the dictator Henry Bendix and coming out as bisexual, Jon Kent made DC history—and his journey is only just beginning.


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This cosplay by Instagram user leledraw depicts Jon at his most heroic: using his powers and (presumably) saving others. In a photograph by Instagram user, leledraw’s cosplay depicts Jon’s Legion-era costume with its high red collar, detailed stitching, and of course Jon’s now-iconic yellow belt. Each picture shows the cosplay in action, as leledraw seems to use Jon’s Kryptonian powers, from invulnerability to super-speed to flight. More than anything, this cosplay and these photos capture Jon’s bright spirit, standing tall and even smiling as helps those who need him.

Jon Kent Is an Uplifting Icon in New Cosplay

Superman has long stood for “truth, justice, and a better tomorrow,” but Jon Kent is taking these ideals to new heights, and this cosplay knows it. In the caption to leledraw’s December 8th post, the cosplayer writes: “I chose to cosplay Jon Kent because I also loved this version of Superman and because he is becoming the symbol of diversity 💪🏽 I’m proud of it. 🏳️‍🌈” Like other fans of Jon Kent, leledraws knows this new Superman is important not just because of his relatively short history, but also because of the kind of future he stands for.

Jon Kent hasn’t been Superman for long, but he has become an important symbol for countless readers and Superman fans, new and old alike. This cosplay’s detailed attention to Jon’s costume as well as his character shows just why Jon Kent deserves his status as Superman and as a DC icon.

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