Some digital marketing lessons from science fiction movies

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Long brainstorming sessions and endless meetings with colleagues, even on platforms such as Zoom or Teams, may not be enough to give birth to the big ideas for communication campaigns, those big ideas that almost always manage to give a particular tone to digital marketing plans, infusing them with that touch of magic on which the final success of the campaign will also depend. 


Sometimes, in order to trigger these big ideas, small forcings are needed, concrete actions to be carried out voluntarily and consciously, so as to steer one’s creativity in the right direction. These forcings, in some cases, can also have their roots in external elements, such as consulting some books, watching some documentaries or some specific films, belonging to a precise genre and capable of awakening certain emotions that other films would not be able to stimulate. 


The quality of work 


In some cases, working side by side with one’s colleagues may prove to be counterproductive to the elaboration of a self-respecting communication plan, animated and fuelled by a single, great basic idea that is able to give a precise character and recognisability to the entire communication strategy


While sitting around a table, perhaps even with four, five or six people, everyone will inevitably try to express his or her own opinion, often overlapping the voices of others and creating a great deal of confusion. Under these conditions, thinking clearly becomes extremely difficult, even for the most capable and creative people. 


In those moments, our mind wanders desperately from one point to another, pausing at first to assess the tone of voice of that colleague, the presumption or arrogance of another, and above all to the fact that probably, if each of the colleagues had been alone, in a quiet room, they could have produced better results and ideas, and much more quickly. 


The companies that are really able to foster teamwork are very few, and in most cases their day-to-day operations are based on certain well-designed, well-researched and pre-tested working schemes, sometimes including the organisation of working sessions in different rooms, with very particular furniture and positioning of chairs, so as to focus from time to time on the creative or rational aspects of a certain campaign, and finally almost always leading to the generation of a high-level communication plan. 


The origin of big ideas 


The best ideas sometimes arise when we are on our own. One of the methods that could help marketers expand their horizons and tickle their creativity are marathons of science-fiction films, the viewing of which, in a way, could certainly help them familiarise themselves with creative mechanisms, with the structural features of screenplays, in short with all those elements that could be immensely useful to them in planning a social media marketing strategy, where the ability to think outside the box – together with a good dose of creativity – is of paramount importance for the success of the final plan. 


Add to this a bit of humour, such as can be seen in the ‘Men in Black’ film series, or even (but on a smaller scale) in the first two films of the ‘Jurassic Park’ series. The combination of creativity pushed to the extreme (as seen in science-fiction films) and the right dose of humour, light and always pleasant, is the same that could guarantee the success of any communication campaign, online or offline, giving a boost to the company’s performance and projecting it towards a phase of new successes. 


Social media and network spaces, such as blogs, forums or websites, should be considered as happy laboratories for companies to experiment with new engagement strategies to capture the interest of potential customers. 


It is precisely for this reason that some of the top brands specialising in gambling have started to change the look of their online portals, making them more personalised, engaging and tailored to their users. 


Using creativity, these brands have created online platforms that offer an extremely wide choice of traditional casino games, free spins no-deposit casino and other equally exciting gaming experiences, always striving to ensure that each player enjoys a unique, personalised and rewarding gaming experience in every respect. Thanks to the inclusion of certain creative elements, such as special graphic or sound effects, these games are able to immerse any user in the magical atmosphere of online entertainment, giving them truly unforgettable moments. 


The best ideas can sometimes arise spontaneously even while you are sitting on your sofa at home, watching a science fiction film you had almost forgotten about.  

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