Sakaar’s Final Saga Confirms Hulk’s True Legacy (But Not Bruce Banner’s)

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Bruce Banner freed Sakaar as the Worldbreaker Hulk, but a thousand years later, it was Amadeus Cho that created a terrible future for Planet Hulk.

Warning: SPOILERS for Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3!After a thousand years, Planet Hulk has become an absolute war zone, but while Bruce Banner may be the most vilified version of the Green Goliath, this time Amadeus Cho is the one truly responsible.

A thousand years from Marvel’s present, a mysterious princess has made it her mission to eliminate a green-skinned race from Sakaar. One of these gamma mutates recruits Amadeus Cho’s Hulk in order to help them repel the threat. First they looked for Bruce Banner to help, but he refused. Then they went after She-Hulk Jennifer Walters, who previously negotiated a long-lasting peace on the planet. However, she is now plugged into a floating city and is being used as a battery to keep it in the air.


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Some of the history of this war has been revealed in Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 by Greg Pak and Manuel Garcia. The green-skinned alien that has been accompanying Amadeus Cho is in fact a descendant of his. Amadeus became a Hulk because he thought he could control the enormous amount of gamma energy better than Bruce Banner. When he came to Sakaar, he shared some of this energy with the local population, both through breeding and science. He believed increased strength and endurance could help people survive on the hostile planet. Sadly, however, this only turned them into targets.

Amadeus Cho Created A Race Of Hulks

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This revelation is shocking for fans of the Planet Hulk series. In the past, it was Bruce Banner’s Hulk that freed the planet from tyranny and, ultimately, who empowered the villain that all but destroyed it. However, learning that it was actually a completely different Hulk that shaped how events on the planet will unfold a thousand years later is startling, especially since Amadeus Cho had the best of intentions. He wanted to help people, and he probably did in the short term. But he never anticipated that fear and racism could ultimately turn the gift he gave the local population into a curse.

The Hulk’s story is founded on the idea of one person attempting to use ungovernable power in heroic ways. For Bruce, that’s often a matter of physical strength – his core dilemma is the ability to inadvertently decimate a city while stopping the villain who is trying to destroy it. However, as the ‘Smart Hulk,’ Amadeus is now dealing with this same concept through the scientific gift he offered a planet. Like Bruce, the full ramifications of his actions spread far beyond his control, but Amadeus doesn’t have the excuse of a brutal other self taking over – the way he has reshaped Sakaar is squarely on his shoulders, both for good and ill.

The so-called ‘Planet Hulk’ was redefined when the Illuminati exiled Bruce Banner to its surface, but it turns out that taking the long view of Sakaar’s history, it’s actually Amadeus Cho’s Hulk who reshaped it in the most dramatic and lasting way. Hopefully, the younger Hulk can find a way to rescue the descendants of those he empowered, otherwise his legacy will be creating a painful and lasting rift in Sakaarian society.

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Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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