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With summer officially here, you might have visions of campfires and swimming holes. Summer is certainly a good time to reconnect with nature and the outdoors, but it’s also a great time to discover how you can put technology to work — and be free to play— so you get the most out of your summer. Fortunately, the robotic products below are all available at RobotShop!

Outdoor Domestic Robots

Robots to Help Care of Your Lawn

Some summer tasks demand your attention. When it comes to keeping your lawn manicured, you can enlist the help of a mower robot. Think of these devices like Roomba, but instead of tracing your floors, they carefully mow your lawn. One option to consider is the Ambrogio L30 Deluxe Robot Lawn Mower — so sleek it reminds us of a sports car. But if you need something a little more rugged, check out the Ambrogio 4.0, which can transform itself to care for just about any lawn.

Robots for a Clean Pool

If you have a pool, you want it clean and ready for a dip. Sure, you could clean your pool manually or outsource the task to your offspring or even a pool boy, but maybe you want a high-tech solution. That’s where RobotShop has you covered with robotic pool cleaners.

Both the Skimbot Smart Pool Robot and Solar-Breeze Ariel Automatic Pool Cleaner are solar-powered and skimming across your pool surface, removing insects, leaves, and the dirt and debris that mar your otherwise pristine pool. Both have backup batteries, but Skimbot connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can take over the controls if the pool needs more precise cleaning.

Robots to Have Fun Outdoor

Robots for Sports

After a hard day mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool, it’s time to treat yourself. How about a round of golf? There’s a robot for that, too, so don’t forget your CaddyTrek Mobile Autonomous Robotic Golf Cart Caddy when you head to the course. Simply set your clubs atop the robot and press a button on the remote. You’ll be the talk of the town for your tech-savvy solution.

Summer of Drones

When most people think of fun robotics, they conjure up images of drones. Of course, a standard drone is a great option for those who love experimenting with new tech, and RobotShop sells more than a few. Consider the sleek SonicModell AR if you want to take aerial photos or video or the RadioLink F121 RTF drone if racing is more your style. Both of these fun robots will turn heads, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg for personal drone technology. For instance, the CoDrone Pro Quadcopter isn’t just a drone; it’s a toy you get to program yourself! It’s perfect for those who want to learn how drones work while they fly.

Robots for Underwater Exploration

Another great use for drones? Underwater exploration of your local lake or even the sea! The Geneinno Underwater Scooter S2 is incredibly unique. It monitors your depth, speed, and distance while in the water, and there’s also a camera mount to take unforgettable shots. At under 6 pounds, it’s small enough to travel! Meanwhile, you can steer the Chasing Dory Portable Underwater Drone with your smartphone and show off your awesome photos with the native sharing function. You’ll never forget to share another vacation photo again.

You Deserve to Enjoy Your Summer

These products will certainly help you accomplish the tasks on your to-do list and take a load off afterward! And if you aren’t the ”outdoor” type, you can always enjoy staying home with all kinds of robots for the House & Recreation.

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