Namor Admits a Shocking MCU Villain Would Be His Perfect Ally

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Namor is notorious for his insufferable superiority complex, but one shocking villain earned his respect, and he’d be Namor’s perfect ally in the MCU.

In one of the more recent installments of the MCU, Namor made his live-action debut as the main antagonist of the new Black Panther–and in one comic, Namor names another MCU villain who he would consider to be his greatest ally, and the villain-in-question is shockingly unexpected.

An original version of Namor the Sub-Mariner made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While there are some notable differences between MCU’s Namor and the original Marvel Comics character, the overall essence of the character remains the same. Both are kings of their respective underwater kingdoms, both have the same powers and abilities, and both are in conflict with Wakanda. More than anything, however, is the fact that both versions are nearly identical when it comes to their goals. In the comics, Namor is just waiting for the perfect time to strike the land-dwellers and claim the entire planet as a part of his kingdom. This was the exact premise of Wakanda Forever as Namor wished to conquer the rest of the world, and asked Shuri if Wakanda would join him. In short, Namor believes he and his people are superior to those who live on land–except for one surprising villain who made his MCU debut in Spider-Man: No Way Home: Doctor Octopus.


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In Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #8 by Christopher Yost and Will Sliney, Spider-Man’s body has been taken over by the mind of Doctor Octopus who has rebranded the hero as the Superior Spider-Man. Despite the fact that Spider-Man has essentially just become a more dangerous version of Doc Ock, Superior Spider-Man has maintained the ongoing mission of the original: to be the greatest hero New York City had ever seen. In this issue, Superior Spider-Man is swinging through the city when he comes across an injured Namor who is being attacked by what seems to be Wakandan assassins. While Octavius considers leaving Namor to his demise, he instead decides to help him even though Namor is reluctant to accept the assistance of a land-dweller. However, in the end, Namor survives the deadly assault, and it is all thanks to Superior Spider-Man. As much as he hates to admit it, Namor isn’t blind to this fact, and he offers Superior Spider-Man not only his gratitude, but his admiration.

Namor’s Ideal MCU Ally is Doctor Octopus

Namor respects Doc Ock aka Superior Spider-Man.

Over the years, Namor has fought against and alongside Marvel Comics greatest heroes and villains. From the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, to practically every bad guy in the world, Namor has tangled with them all–and never before has he been this impressed by one of his fellow Marvel characters. Even during the battle against the assailants, Namor is visibly stunned by how expertly Superior Spider-Man is taking down the attackers–proving quite plainly that the web-slinging hero is, in fact, the superior fighter.

While Spider-Man’s original strength, speed, and powers helped Doc Ock get on Namor’s radar, it was the ferocity and calculated ruthlessness with which Superior Spider-Man fought that earned Namor’s respect–and that was one-hundred percent Otto Octavius. So, without even knowing it, Namor named the MCU villain who would be his greatest ally, and that villain is Doctor Octopus.

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