My Hero Academia’s Shoto VS. Dabi Fight Will Prove Which is Stronger

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With the big reveal of Dabi’s ancestry, My Hero Academia pits brother against brother as Shoto is forced to face off with Dabi in a contest of flames.

With the world (and Endeavor) still reeling from Dabi’s big reveal in My Hero Academia, the task of defeating the estranged Todoroki son has fallen to his younger brother, Shoto. Don’t think for a moment that this means either will hold back, however, as killing Shoto in front of their father has been one of Dabi’s big goals from the start.

In recent episodes, Dabi confessed his true identity as Endeavor’s son Toya via video, and then proceeded to destroy every ounce of credibility that the heroes had built up. For Endeavor himself, though, Dabi had a special display, pouring water on his head to wash out the black hair dye and reveal his true white hair color. Endeavor was shocked to see that Toya was alive, so much so that he was almost incapable of even moving as he struggled to process this information. With Dabi lunging at his father, it was up to Shoto to step in and protect his dad.


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Dabi and Shoto took the fight to the air, with Dabi laughing maniacally as he watched his helpless father and announced his plans to murder Shoto. The fight has barely begun by the episode’s end, but there are already several important moments. When Shoto activates his ice powers, the ice is instantly dissolved by the sheer heat of Dabi’s flames. It was explained earlier that Dabi’s flame Quirk is stronger than his father’s, so being able to neutralize Shoto’s ice gives him a surprising advantage. On the other hand, Dabi is also prone to overheating and burning himself with his Quirk, while Shoto’s whole deal with the half-cold/half-hot Quirk is that he’s better able to regulate his temperatures.

Which Todoroki Brother Will Be Victorious?

My Hero Academia: Shoto battles Dabi in midair.

Even though Dabi/Toya didn’t get to know Shoto very well before the incident which was believed to have killed him, Shoto has long been the target of Dabi’s envy. As Toya Todoroki, he was raised to be Endeavor’s successor, and to take on the task of becoming the number one hero, an ideal that he clung to in spite of the danger his Quirk poses to himself. Shoto, however, was born with the Quirk that Endeavor had been trying to obtain with his Quirk marriage: ice and fire power together, something which would prevent the risk of burning one’s self. As such, Shoto became the new successor, and Dabi has been envious of that ever since. For Dabi, part of defeating his brother is proving that he’s better, and that abandoning him was a mistake. For Shoto, it means cleaning up his father’s mess, and that whether he wants to or not, he now bears a personal, familial responsibility to stop Dabi’s criminal rampage.

While Dabi’s campaign to destroy the public’s faith in heroes has been an unimaginable success, his victory against Shoto is far from guaranteed. As My Hero Academia‘s most twisted family drama is coming to a head, it’s all up to Shoto to bury the past and stop Dabi for good.

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