Magic + Demons in Argentina in Horror Comedy ‘Legions’ US Trailer

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Magic + Demons in Argentina in Horror Comedy ‘Legions’ US Trailer

January 4, 2023
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Legions Trailer

“Her blood will be an offering for the Evil One.” XYZ FIlms has debuted the US trailer for an Argentinian fantasy horror comedy titled Legions, the latest from a filmmaker named Fabián Forte. After opening in Argentina just last month, the film will be arriving in the US to watch on VOD later in January. The forces of evil descend on Argentina. Mankind’s best hope, a once-legendary shaman, is confined to an insane asylum from which he must escape when the battle against demonic resurrection becomes personal – his daughter must learn to use her powers once again. Written and directed by Fabián Forte, this Argentinian folk-horror film stars Germán de Silva, Ezequiel Rodriguez, and Lorena Vega. Described as “a gory, hilarious, and heartwarming ode to The Evil Dead by way of Latin mysticism and folk legend.” This does seem like it has some nice Evil Dead touches, beyond that it’s hard to tell from this trailer if this will be worth watching.

Here’s the official US trailer (+ poster) for Fabián Forte’s Legions, direct from YouTube:

Legions Poster

A powerful sorcerer, Antonio Poyju (Germán De Silva), is locked away in an asylum and wastes away in his imprisonment as evil, demonic forces take control of Argentina. If Antonio can escape the psychiatric hospital and find his daughter, Helena (Lorena Vega), their combined strength could save Argentina… but Helena has forgotten her powers. Now Antonio must reteach her the ways of magic… and be humanity’s last hope against ancient evil! Legions, also known as Legiones in Spanish, is both written and directed by Argentinian filmmaker Fabián Forte, director of the films Mala Carne, Celo, La Corporación, Socios por Accidente, Dead Man Tells His Own Tale, and Cantantes en Guerra previously, plus many other short films. This already opened in December in Argentina but hasn’t played at any film festivals. XYZ Films will debut Forte’s Legions direct-to-VOD in the US starting on January 19th, 2023 this month. Anyone interested?

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