Love Is Blind Brazil Season 1: Where Are They Now?

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As season 2 of Love is Blind: Brazil comes to a close on January 11, 2023, fans continue to anticipate which of the five couples will remain married for the long haul. At last blush, trouble in paradise began brewing for Alisson and Thamara and Guilherme and Maira, leading many to wonder how the finale and reunion episode will play out next week.

In the interim, now is an opportune time to check in on the inaugural cast of Love is Blind: Brazil and find out what they’ve been up to in the past 15 months or so.


Luana Braga

Part of the longest-lasting couple on LIB: Brazil 1, Luana Braga and her husband Lissio Fiod spent one year married before calling it quits in November 2022 (per UOL), taking to a since-deleted Instagram video to express how their relationship fizzled over time after being in the spotlight. According to Redditor krncrds, who translated the video into text, the gossip over the potential divorce began to wear on them after the show ended.

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With their breakup relatively new, Luana has apparently left her profession as a psychologist behind to become a model, social media influencer, and fitness guru who teaches courses with Academia Online Rocket. With over 1 million Instagram followers, Luana has spent the past year or so promoting several fashion brands like Lowell Pro Performance and sharing a slew of health and relationship tips.

Lissio Fiod

Since separating from Luana, Lissio has been doing a lot of international travel, working on self-improvement, and partnering with various fashion brands. According to Instagram, Lissio underwent work on his face three weeks ago, traveled to the beach for a little R&R last week, and rang in the new year by attending a festive outdoor party, captioning an image by saying: “Welcome 2023! May you bring a lot of prosperity to the world.”

While it’s disappointing that Lissio and Luana couldn’t make their marriage work for longer than a year after the hit reality dating show, it’s nice to know the two ended their time together amicably and have already begun looking forward to the future. Professionally, Lissio continues to own and operate his industrial and property companies, DOM Portas and Villa Boracay (per 44 Bars).

Carol Novaes

When Carol Novaes met Hudson Mendes on the reality spinoff TV show, fans immediately felt their chemistry and believed they had what it takes for long-term marital bliss. However, the two revealed in the reunion episode that they split after mutually saying “I Do” on Decision Day. According to Instagram, Carol now lives as a public figure who has since partnered with the clothing brand Splash Boutique and dedicates her social media to providing beauty tips.

Also partnering with Hershey for a fun promotion in the past month and Comfort dish soap in the past months, Carol is currently capitalizing on her 15 minutes of fame after appearing on the hit Netflix reality show that has raised her profile significantly. Whether she feels the sting of her divorce from Hudson, Carol appears to be happy and healthy in 2023.

Hudson Mendes

As for Hudson, the now-bachelor continues to work as a fashion model, brand ambassador for Streef clothing, and co-founder of the event planning company Happin3ss Party. After spending Christmas 2022 with his family, Hudson expressed gratitude for 2022 by ringing in 2023 on the beautiful Brazilian beach (per Instagram).

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Also partnered with Under Armour Brazil, Hudson is clearly expanding his post-show opportunities despite his marriage ending somewhat contentiously. Since appearing on the show, Hudson has made a deliberate effort to travel and see the world, with his exotic locations documented on social media. If fans really want to see another side of Hudson, they can follow him on his OnlyFans account.

Nanda Terra

After Nanda Terra and Thiago Rocha agreed to stay married at the end of the guilty-pleasure dating show, the couple revealed that they had split on the reunion episode and that Nanda began dating Mackdavid Alves. Mackdavid proposed to Nanda at the end of the episode, and the two have since welcomed their first child, a boy named Ben, on May 31, 2022.

Since giving birth in May, Nanda and Mackdavid have been busy raising Ben, including the celebration of their first family Christmas together. Nanda and Mackdavid even posted a 2022 retrospective video documenting their entire year together. While many lamented Nanda and Thiago’s divorce, it’s clear that Mackdavid is her true match, and it’s wonderful to see them start a family in the past six months.

Thiago Rocha

Unfortunately, Thiago had a rough time following his split from Nanda. According to Then 24, Rocha was expelled from a nightclub in December 2021 after being caught having sex in the bathroom with a woman he met inside the club. Rocha took to Instagram to express how he had no regrets about the incident.

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Nowadays, Rocha works as a journalist and social media influencer. With 1.4 million Instagram followers, Rocha’s feed is loaded with enviable travel photos, including a recent trip to Miami Beach and Disney World in Orlando, doing so just days after spending Christmas with his family. Rocha also recently launched a YouTube account where he shares celebrity gossip with fans.

Ana Prado

Ana Prado and Shayan Haghbin realized their incompatibility and decided to part ways on Decision Day. In the past year, Ana has resumed her professional modeling career and continues to raise her daughters Antonella and Mirabel. When she isn’t taking care of her family, Ana promotes partnerships with Novalgina, Brasil Cacau, Tanara, and many more.

Balancing a happy and healthy personal and professional life, Ana took to Instagram to celebrate New Year’s with her family, stating, “New year and for me it’s about being closer to my family. I don’t want status, I don’t long for a life of fame…I want peace and mental and spiritual tranquility, overflowing with love and happiness.” Given all that transpired with Shayan on the fun-filled Netflix reality show, it’s hard not to root for Ana’s thriving success.

Shayan Haghbin

Since separating from Ana in 2021, Shayan has doubled down on his entrepreneurial ventures, recently partnering with Blaze, an online Brazilian casino that he continues to promote on Instagram. Shayan has also partnered with Sheik Barber as a way to increase his influential reach.

Shayan has also participated in season 14 of the Brazilian game show A Fazenda in the fall of 2022, which forces celebrities to live and work on a rural animal farm. By all accounts currently single, Shayan most recently spent a beach getaway with his friends in Ceara, Brazil.

Dayanne Feitoza

Similar to Ana and Shayan, professional model Dayanne Feitoza and her partner Rodrigo Vaisemberg opted to mutually part ways on Decision Day. During the reunion episode, Dayanne revealed that she has begun a new relationship with someone else, although she never identified who. On Instagram, her new partner is noticeably absent despite Dayanne looking happy and healthy as can be.

In the summer of 2022, Dayanne shared her MTV Millennial Award nomination with fans on Instagram, thanking all of her supporters for the recognition. Dayanne also took up pole dancing in 2022, and recently enjoyed a vacation with girlfriends at an exotic sandy white beach in Porto de Galinhas in the past month, which was sponsored by Ford Brazil. Divorce has not disheartened Dayanne from the looks of things, which is great to see as 2023 begins.

Rodrigo Vaisemberg

It appears Rodrigo has remained single since splitting from Dayanne and spends a lot of time with fellow cast mate Shayan after the two became fast friends on the show. The public figure and financial consultant rang in the new year with his friends, the Schweitzers, in the Brazilian bar Seu Antonio.

Professionally, Rodrigo has launched brand partnership with Shorts Co., continuing his influential reach as a fashion ambassador. When he isn’t promoting his partnerships, sharing workout videos and travel photos, Rodrigo can be found hanging out with his beloved dog Blunt. At least fans can rest assured that Rodrigo isn’t alone following his unsuccessful marriage to Dayanne.

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