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Last week Paramount+ launched a new series of Star Trek Logs on Instagram, with each new entry being from Vice Admiral Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew) following the events of the previous week’s episode. These logs are written by Prodigy lead writer Aaron Waltke who promises they offer “new clues, lore and Trek canon.” Last week Janeway revealed B’Elanna Torres had a connection to the USS Dauntless and this week’s log has another connection to Trek canon.

Admiral Janeway is not giving up on finding Chakotay

In the new log today, Admiral Janeway briefs the situation after episode 12 “Let Sleeping Borg Lie” with an update on Dr. Noum’s treatment for the Diviner, drawing an interesting connection with a classic race from Star Trek: The Next Generation. She also shows her belief she will find Chakotay saying “He is a survivor if nothing else.” And she is resolved to find those who have the USS Protostar  and “bring them to justice.”

A TNG connection

According to the log, Dr. Noum believes the Diviner’s “physiology may possess energy-based psychokinesis, not unlike some Zalkonians.” The Zalkonians are a race that encountered by the USS Enterprise-D in the TNG episode “Transfigurations.” Picard and crew found that some Zalkonians were undergoing a process where they would transform into energy beings. It’s possible there is some connection or parallel with the Vau N’Akat.”

Here is a clip from “Transfigurations” featuring some Zalkonians.

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