James Cameron’s Fire Na’vi Are Exactly What Avatar 3 Needs

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The first two Avatar films showcased many Na’vi groups. Avatar 3 will unveil a new clan, the Fire Na’vi, and they’re exactly what the franchise needs.

In Avatar 3, his third film set on the alien world of Pandora, director James Cameron will reveal the Fire Na’vi, and they are exactly what the franchise needs. The Na’vi people and their way of life was the central focus of the first Avatar film, which laid the groundwork for the franchise. As noted by Jake Sully, leader of the Omaticaya, there’s at least fifteen different Na’vi clans that live on Pandora. In Avatar: The Way of Water audiences were given a deeper look into one of those Na’vi tribes known as the Metkayina, an oceanic clan who lived out on the islands and had a close relationship with water.


From the start, with each new Avatar film, 20th Century Studios looked to continuously expand the story into new areas of Pandora and wanted to showcase the planet’s different cultures. A darker, fire-based group of Na’vi known as the “Ash People” will make their first appearance in James Cameron’s Avatar 3. Likely, Jake and Neytiri will interact with this new group, and compared to the other clans, Cameron himself teased that the Fire Na’vi won’t be as positively portrayed as the previous movies showed. These small details help to build the Fire Na’vi as a dangerous, evil threat and will stay in tune with Cameron’s promise to give audiences further insight into life on Pandora.

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A Pandoran Civil War Makes Sense After Avatar 2


Now with Jake Sully’s history in the Omaticaya and Metkayina clans on the table after two movies, it seems he’s made quite a name for himself on Pandora. As a highly-skilled warrior, Jake’s done a lot to protect the Na’vi from the humans who sought only to strip the alien moon of its valuable resources. One key aspect of Jake’s character is that he’s not a true Na’vi as witnessed by Tonowari, chief of the Metkayina. Because he’s an Avatar who has five fingers unlike the Na’vi who have four, he was deemed an outsider with “demon blood“. Jake clearly shares physical features with humanity, who was responsible for Pandora’s destruction in the previous films.

For these reasons, Avatar 3’s Fire Na’vi would have much to be upset about. First, they can view both the Metkayina and Omaticaya clans as traitors for letting in an outsider. Second, they can see Jake as reckless because his people brought war to Pandora and caused the deaths of hundreds of Na’vi. Instead of having the RDA as the villains yet again, a Pandoran civil war would make more sense. James Cameron’s Avatar 3 can show Sully needing to prove himself once again as a faithful Na’vi fighter and enable him to finally put his damaged past to rest. Furthermore, it would help to further show that not all Na’vi are good, a key difference between the first two movies.

Avatar’s Elemental Villains Continue The Franchise’s Main Theme


Perhaps the most prominent theme in both Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water is nature. From worshiping holy glowworm-like insects to a Na’vi character saying “thank you” after killing an animal for food or safety, the two previous films put a huge emphasis on the importance of preserving the environment and all that it has to offer. James Cameron’s Avatar 3 can help to expand on how the Na’vi bond with Pandora’s environment with its inclusion of the Ash People. Whether they harness the power of volcanoes or burn things to give them strength, Avatar 3 can present the Fire Na’vi to be a force unlike the franchise has ever seen.

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