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Destiny 2’s coveted Star Baker title is back up for grabs for a limited time. This is how players willing to invest enough time and effort can get it.

Destiny 2’s Star Baker title is one of the Dawning’s most notorious rewards, and unlocking it requires a few steps from players. This year’s version of the annual Holiday season event brings back the traditional baking and gifting of cookies to the shooter’s NPCs. With it, Guardians celebrate the joyous occasion in high spirits, and if they do enough activities, they can get the coveted title.

However, obtaining Destiny 2’s Star Baker title is a time-limited opportunity and can only be acquired while the Dawning event is online in Bungie’s popular RPG shooter. Dawning 2022 in Destiny 2 lasts until January 3, 2023, so players have a few days scheduled for grinding to complete all requirements and get the cosmetic item.


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How To Get The Star Baker Title In Destiny 2

A Player Baking Cookies in Destiny 2

To get Destiny 2’s Star Baker title, Guardians must complete all the Triumphs associated with the Dawning event. There is a total of 16 Triumphs to be redeemed by the event’s end. If they are not all completed, the progress will reset, and players will have to wait for the following year’s version of the event to reach the desired mark.

Luckily, the Triumphs requested by the event are pretty straightforward and only require a considerable amount of grinding. Said grinding will, unfortunately, not grant the desired Pruina Luster set in Destiny 2, but among a few cosmetic rewards, Guardians get the ultimate prize: Destiny 2’s Star Baker title. These are all 16 Triumphs necessary for completing the associated Seal:

  • Dawn of the Dawning – (Complete the Dawning introduction quests “Bake a Cookie” and “Give a Gift to Zavala.”)
  • Amateur Baker – (Bake six types of Cookies in the Dawning Oven.)
  • Adept Baker – (Bake 13 types of Cookies in the Dawning Oven.)
  • Expert Baker – (Bake 20 types of Cookies in the Dawning Oven.)
  • Bake-Stravaganza – (Bake a total of 50 Cookies in the Dawning Oven.)
  • Snowball Ops – (Defeat 100 combatants with Snowballs in Vanguard Ops Playlist.)
  • Snowball Dares – (Defeat 100 combatants with Snowballs in Dares of Eternity.)
  • Shopping Spree – (Purchase all 12 Dawning upgrades from Eva Levante using Dawning Spirit.)
  • Deep Freeze – (Kill opponents with Destiny 2‘s Stasis weapons or abilities.)
  • Thundersnow – (Kill opponents with Arc weapons or abilities.)
  • Snowmelt – (Kill opponents with Solar weapons or abilities.)
  • They Call It sNOw – (Kill opponents with Void weapons or abilities.)
  • Vanguard Eternity – (Complete six Vanguard Ops or Dares of Eternity activities.)
  • Competitive Spirit – (Complete 10 Crucible or Gambit activities.)
  • Nightmare Seraph Before Dawning – (Complete six Nightmare Containments or Heist Battlegrounds.)
  • With Light Comes Dawn-ing – (Complete activities in Savathun’s Throne World.)

With such demands, it is recommended that players stack up tasks and try to gradually complete multiple Triumphs together to ultimately collect Destiny 2’s Star Baker title. For instance, while going through the Vanguard Eternity Triumph, players should also target the Snowball Ops Triumph and the Deep Freeze Triumph. Optimizing time and effort is the key to quickly speeding through the event and avoiding unnecessary grinding.

Players should also focus on killing many opponents to drop the most varied resources for baking all the necessary cookies. They will not want to end up lacking enough of Destiny 2’s Ether Cane, for example, only to go back to grinding the material that could have been acquired beforehand. In due time, obtaining Destiny 2’s Star Baker title relies heavily on Guardians making proper use of their time and moving swiftly across all the Triumphs.

With all 16 Triumphs associated with the Dawning event completed, players will be rewarded with Destiny 2’s Star Baker title, which can then be applied to each individual character they own. While the event is due soon, Guardians are also progressing through the Season of the Seraph. As such, they are also progressing through Destiny 2’s weekly More Than A Weapon questline in search of answers regarding the Warmind Rasputin.

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