How Marvel’s Midnight Suns Sets Up A Sequel

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns tells an epic supernatural story set in the Marvel universe, and post-credits scenes tease more adventures still to come.

While Marvel’s Midnight Suns tells a complete superhero story, the turn-based RPG also sets up a sequel through post-credits teasers. Based on the supernatural side of the Marvel Comics universe, the game casts players as a customizable protagonist called The Hunter who assembles a team of heroes to battle their demonic mother Lilith. The plot of Marvel’s Midnight Suns takes players across the Marvel universe, but post-credits teasers hint at even bigger stories still to tell.


[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel’s Midnight Suns.]

By the end of the game, the main villain of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is revealed to be the demon Chthon rather than Lilith herself. The Hunter’s demonic mother actually seeks to destroy the evil Chthon in an attempt to save her child from being possessed by the cruel demon. The story of Marvel’s Midnight Suns ends with Lilith, The Hunter and Chthon being consumed by and trapped within the mystical book the Darkhold. This sacrifice lets the rest of the game’s roster of heroes survive, while seemingly saving the world from the threat of Chthon permanently.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Teases The Return Of The Hunter

The default look of The Hunter, Marvel's Midnight Suns' customizable player hero.

While the game’s playable protagonist appears to die alongside Lilith and Chthon at the end of the game, a post-credits scene teases that The Hunter’s death in Marvel’s Midnight Suns may not be permanent. A conversation between Agatha Harkness, Doctor Strange and the Caretaker sees the supernatural heroes discuss the events of the game, with The Caretaker believing that the series’ story is “far from over” and suggesting that Lilith and the Hunter could return. Caretaker explains that Lilith and the Hunter’s bond allowed them to both come back to life at the beginning of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, teasing that the customizable protagonist and their demonic mother could return for a sequel.

Doctor Doom May Appear In Marvel’s Midnight Suns 2

Infamous Iron Man Doctor Doom

Alongside the return of the heroic Hunter, another Marvel’s Midnight Suns post-credits scene teases the future appearance of an iconic Marvel villain. There is a varied collection of bosses to defeat in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but this second post-credits scene teases the arrival of the iconic Doctor Doom. The scene shows the Darkhold resting in parts unknown, before the metalic gloved hand of Doom reaches down to claim it as his own. Doctor Doom’s mastery of both technology and magic would make him the perfect villain for a Marvel’s Midnight Suns sequel, considering the first game combines supernatural elements with more common sci-fi comic book tropes.

By teasing the return of The Hunter and the appearance of the beloved villain Doctor Doom, Marvel’s Midnight Suns clearly sets up story beats for a future sequel to follow. While Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ ending could set up DLC, these plot point are much more likely to be addressed in a full-fledged sequel. The next game in the turn-based RPG series could bring back the Hunter, while also introducing brand-new Marvel heroes to join the fight against Doom. No sequel has been officially announced yet, but Firaxis Games has clearly teased another installment in the Marvel’s Midnight Suns series.

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    Marvel’s Midnight Suns

    Firaxis Games, the developers/creators of the X-COM series, introduces Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a new tactical RPG game set in a unique Marvel Universe. When the world is under siege from an apocalyptic threat via a demon named Lilith, heroes across the Marvel Universe will have to band together under the leadership of a unique player-created character known as “The Hunter” as they face off against demons and corrupt Marvel heroes and villains alike. Players can partner up with characters like Wolverine, Blade, Ghostrider, and more as they engage in fast-paced strategy action gameplay. Marvel’s Midnight Suns were given a new release date at the Marvel + Disney Games Showcase for December 02 2022.


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