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Look, we know we’ve all been talking about this for years in one form or another, but nobody actually expected a sequel to Gladiator to actually happen, did we? We thought it was just all going to be talk until somebody potentially did a remake in another 20 years time.

We didn’t seriously expect that Gladiator II would be a real thing. Yet, apparently, it is!


Ridley Scott, who has a mixed record with “legacy” sequels, confirmed last year that the script was done and he planned to direct. The 85 year-old still doesn’t look a day over 70 and simply does not even know how to spell retirement.

Puck News has reported that casting is now underway and Scott is lining this up as his next project after Joaquin Phoenix finishes up Napoleon.

Connie Nielsen and Djimon Hounsou are apparently set to return, for the story that is said to be focussed around Lucius Verus, the grown up son of the deceased Emperor who made way for his uncle, the evil Commodus.

The original is considered an all-time classic, was a smash-hit and catapulted Russell Crowe to superstar status. Crowe’s Maximus dies at the climax to the film, having taken his revenge. For years, musician Nick Cave was pushing a sequel script he had written.

This was a metaphysical and supernatural sequel that started with Maximus in purgatory before being resurrected as an immortal warrior by the Roman gods. The movie would follow him through the Crusades, World War II, Vietnam and a modern conflict. That version was just too much for studios who parked the project.

Gladiator II could be a 2024 or 2025 release if they mobilise quickly.

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