Georgia’s Tom Decision Has To Be The Dumbest Thing She’s Done

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Georgia Miller has made many questionable choices in Ginny & Georgia, but her Tom Fuller decision in season 2 is one of the dumbest ones.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ginny & Georgia season 2!Georgia Miller has made many questionable decisions in Ginny & Georgia, but her choice to kill Tom Fuller in season 2 of the Netflix show is one of the dumbest things she’s done. Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia has examined many of the questionable (and criminal) acts that Georgia has done, and season 2 in particular has made them a focal point. Thus far, Ginny & Georgia has framed Georgia’s crimes as decisions that she had to make to protect her family. However, her killing of Tom doesn’t fit this pattern, making this crime needless.


Although Georgia’s heart is in the right place when she kills Tom in Ginny & Georgia season 2, it is an ill-conceived decision that backfires majorly. The whole reason that the Miller family moves to Wellsbury in Ginny & Georgia season 1 is to put distance between them and Georgia’s sordid past, so committing another crime once they arrive is a bad move. Combined with the fact that there’s already a P.I. after Georgia, killing Tom seems even worse. Because of the almost exclusively negative impact of her decision, Tom’s murder is easily one of the dumbest things Georgia’s done, culminating in her arrest in the season 2 finale.

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Why Georgia Killed Tom In Ginny & Georgia Season 2


It’s difficult to understand why Georgia would do something so needless as killing someone after the lengths she’s gone to protect her family, but surprisingly, she murders Tom with good intentions. During Ginny & Georgia season 2, Georgia has an important conversation with Cynthia that catalyzes her actions. Cynthia reveals the burden Tom’s illness has been on her, as well as her concerns about Zach’s memory of his father. The latter struggle is something that Georgia empathizes with, as she’s worked to give Austin a good image of Gil to look up to. Out of her empathy and sympathy, Georgia kills Tom to ease the Fullers’ burden.

Even though Georgia’s decision to kill Tom is one of the most needlessly risky acts she’s committed, it’s also important for her character because of why she did it. The other crimes that Georgia has committed have been in the interest of self-preservation or anger, regardless of the greater impact it might have. In contrast, Georgia kills Tom in the Netflix show out of mercy and the empathy she has for the Fuller family (despite the long-standing rivalry she’s had with Cynthia). Even though Georgia killing Tom negatively impacts her and her family, it is a huge step forward for Georgia’s character in Ginny & Georgia.

What Evidence Jesse Could Have On Georgia


At the end of season 2’s penultimate episode, Nick informs Cordova (AKA “Jesse”) of Tom’s passing, and Cordova immediately suspects Georgia. Cordova calls the police to report the murder, but it’s unclear what evidence Cordova actually has that could convict Georgia. Most of the potential evidence is circumstantial, such as Cordova’s knowledge of Georgia’s past crimes (which he also can’t prove she did) or the fact that Georgia was at Cynthia’s at the time of Tom’s death. However, Georgia’s arrest indicates Cordova has something, but until Ginny & Georgia season 3, it will remain unknown how Cordova proves Georgia killed Tom.

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