Full Trailer for Robo Warrior Sci-Fi ‘JUNG_E’ Starring Kim Hyun-joo

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Full Trailer for Robo Warrior Sci-Fi ‘JUNG_E’ Starring Kim Hyun-joo

January 4, 2023
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JUNG_E Trailer

“Listen closely – be free.” Check this out! Netflix has debuted the full trailer for a sci-fi film titled JUNG_E, an impressive new creation from Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho, who also made the zombie sequel Peninsula and the Netflix streaming series Hellbound. Set in the 22nd century, climate change has caused the entire planet to become uninhabitable so humans live within big man-made shelters in space. A civil war breaks out. Jung Yi is the elite leader of the allied forces and a legendary mercenary. She is used for a brain cloning experiment after a mission goes wrong. 35 years later, Jung-yi’s daughter is now the head researcher of the JUNG_E project. Starring Kim Hyun-joo as Yun Jung-yi, with Kang Soo-yeon and Ryu Kyung-soo. Some solid footage in here! Seems like this is borrowing sci-fi ideas from RoboCop, Elysium, and Ghost in the Shell mainly, mashing it all up with a different story about a climate ravaged future. This looks like Yeon’s most ambitious film yet, a large scale epic sci-fi thriller. I hope it delivers! Available on Netflix soon.

Here’s the main official trailer for Yeon Sang-ho’s JUNG_E, direct from Netflix’s YouTube:

JUNG_E Poster

JUNG_E Poster

You can rewatch the teaser for Yeon Sang-ho’s Jung_E series here to view the first look again.

“With the brain data from Captain Yun Jung-yi, we will create the ultimate A.I. combat warrior.” Set in the 22nd century, with Earth no longer habitable due to drastic climate change, war breaks out in the last shelter built for human survival. The only way to end the war hinges on cloning a legendary mercenary into a scalable robot. In a post-apocalyptic near-future, a researcher at an Artificial Intelligence lab leads the effort to end a civil war by cloning the brain of a heroic soldier — her mother. JUNG_E is both written and directed by acclaimed Korean filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho, director of the films The King of Pigs, The Fake, Seoul Station, Train to Busan, and Peninsula previously, as well as the streaming series “RedaKai”, and “Hellbound” from last year. Producer credits are not listed. Netflix will debut Yeon Sang-ho’s JUNG_E streaming on Netflix starting January 20th, 2023 coming up later this month. Who’s planning to watch?

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