Famous Skinwalker Ranch Takes Graphic Novel Form in New Trailer

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Next year, BOOM! Studios will bring the Skinwalker Ranch to comics, and now the publisher has unveiled a special, extended trailer for the project. The Skinwalker Ranch is a real-life hotbed of paranormal activity, and has become an internet legend. The Ranch received a higher public profile thanks to the bestseller Hunt for the Skinwalker, and now BOOM! will release a graphic novel adaptation, as well as an expanded edition of the original book. The publisher has released a trailer, and Screen Rant is excited to premiere it.


The trailer, shared below, presents fans with an amazing first look at the graphic novel, which will be adapted by writer Zac Thompson and artist Valeria Burzo. It opens by providing background information on the Ranch; it also includes interviews with Dr. Colm Kelleher and investigative journalist George Knapp, the authors of Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah. Kelleher and Knapp discuss how they first heard of the Ranch as well as some of the goings-on there, such as cattle mutilations. The two also talk about the unsettling phenomena they have personally witnessed, ultimately concluding that whatever lurks at the Ranch is smarter and more deceptive than they are.

Despite the terrifying nature of the Ranch, both Knapp and Kelleher are excited to tell the story of the Skinwalker Ranch in graphic novel format. The trailer also features an interview with writer Zac Thompson, who believes that a shift in attitudes towards the paranormal makes it safer to discuss places like the Skinwalker Ranch.

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The Skinwalker Ranch Scares Even the Skeptics

Boom Hunt for the Skinwalker OGN

The Skinwalker Ranch, located in Utah, has captured the imagination of the public since the 2005 publication of Knapp and Kelleher’s original book. In the mid-1990s, the Ranch was sold to a team of investigators and scientists, including Kelleher, and what they found was extraordinary. Nearly every conceivable type of paranormal phenomenon has occurred there: UFOs, bizarre cryptids, ghostly visitors and the aforementioned cattle mutilations. The Skinwalker Ranch has inspired not only a feature-length documentary, but a reality TV show as well. The story of the Skinwalker Ranch is perfect for comics.

BOOM! Studios’ trailer for the Hunt for the Skinwalker graphic novel hypes readers up perfectly for the book by talking to the people who made it a reality. Both Knapp and Kelleher have experienced the Skinwalker Ranch firsthand, taking in all the bizarre and terrifying phenomena that have become its trademark. Their original book, painstakingly researched and documented, outlined the goings-on at the Skinwalker Ranch in a matter-of-fact way that puzzled even skeptics. Along those lines, writer Zac Thompson stated that there is now “definitive evidence” that something is going on at the Ranch–and he and artist Valeria Burzo will be helping to bring this remarkable story to comics.

The bizarre phenomena that happens on a regular basis at the Skinwalker Ranch, such as UFOs and Bigfoot sightings, are perfect for comics–and Knapp and Kelleher are eager to bring the story to a new generation. All the creators involved believe the book challenges fans to rethink the world around them–which can be a terrifying prospect. BOOM! Studios’ extended trailer gives fans and those curious about the Skinwalker Ranch an exciting and creepy look at what to expect from the Hunt for the Skinwalker graphic novel.

Hunt for the Skinwalker is expected to be released in July 2024. Advanced copies can be ordered through the project’s Kickstarter.

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