Exclusive: A Throuple Hits a Rough Patch in “Petit Mal” Trailer

admin2021January 7, 2023

“Three is not balanced — there are always two or one,” we’re told in an exclusive trailer for “Petit Mal.” Written and directed by Ruth Caudeli, the Tribeca title focuses on three young women in a throuple. Anto (Ana María Otálora), Marti (Silvia Varón), and Lai (Caudeli) happily share a home, but the balance of their relationship is disrupted when Lai leaves for a work trip.

When Marti films Anto, the latter protests. “Stop recording. We’re not all three together.” Anto seems particularly stricken by Lai’s absence.

“Petit Mal” is semi-autobiographical. “I am in a polyamorous throuple. The three of us live happy together,” Caudeli said in a statement. “But it was very difficult when we started our relationship. There are no audiovisual or narrative references. We didn’t feel represented on screen and we felt there is a lack of diverse stories about love stories. So I wanted to represent myself and my relationship on screen. And that became a way to represent diverse women as well. That’s why I make movies, to represent what is unrepresented, to show that we as women are different, complex and we need to be written by ourselves. It’s time to tell our own stories,” she emphasized.

You can catch “Petit Mal” in theaters January 27 and on digital January 31.

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