Dragon Ball’s Strongest Android Wouldn’t Stand a Chance Against Frieza

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Frieza thinks he’s stronger than anyone, and in one case he’s absolutely right as Dragon Ball’s strongest Android wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

While Frieza originally had a reputation within the Dragon Ball universe for being the most feared and powerful entity in the cosmos, DBZ’s introduction of the Androids put that notion to bed following Frieza’s defeat by the hands of Goku on Planet Namek as the Androids proved to be even stronger than Goku was during that time–however, with one not-so-secret attack exhibited by Frieza, even the strongest Android in Dragon Ball history wouldn’t stand a chance against him, and it has nothing to do with fighting ability.


Frieza made his debut during Dragon Ball’s ‘Z’ era as an intergalactic dictator and former master of the entire Saiyan race. Years before the events of even classic Dragon Ball, Frieza used the Saiyans to conquer planets in his name across the cosmos–until the day came when Frieza grew fearful of the Saiyans’ power (specifically the rise of the legendary Super Saiyan), so Frieza destroyed the Saiyans’ home world, Planet Vegeta. In doing so, Frieza essentially wiped out one of the most powerful warrior races in the universe–and he did it like it was nothing.

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In Dragon Ball GT season 1, episode 20 (written by Daisuke Yajima, directed by Osamu Kasai, produced by Toei Animation), Trunks has been kidnapped by Dr. Myuu while Pan is fighting an army of robots in an effort to get him back. Meanwhile, Goku is engaged in battle with an Android–technically a Machine Mutant–named General Rilldo. The two are fighting on a planet called M2 which is a world that was taken over by Machine Mutants in the past and has, itself, become almost entirely mechanical. During their fight, Goku finds that every attack he throws at Rilldo is having virtually no effect. This, matched with the fact that Rilldo is extremely powerful and a skilled fighter, meant that Goku was definitely on the ropes, and it wasn’t clear whether he’d make it out alive–something that even base-form Frieza assuredly wouldn’t relate to.

General Rilldo’s Power Source is a Planet, & Frieza Loves Blowing Up Planets

Frieza blowing up Planet Vegeta.

General Rilldo is tapped into the mechanics of the entire planet M2, so as long as the planet exists, Rilldo is unbeatable. Well, as Frieza proved with one of his earliest recorded acts of planetary genocide, he absolutely loves destroying entire worlds. This GT saga has given fans a good look at the entirety of M2, and while most of it is covered in metal and robotics, a lot of the planet is natural earth. This means that all Frieza would have to do to destroy General Rilldo would be to target one of those areas and send a concentrated blast straight through to the core of the planet. With one attack carried out in this manner, Frieza could beat Rilldo with a single shot–and he wouldn’t even have to power up to his final form to do so.

While fighting Rilldo, Goku comments that the Android is stronger than even Majin Buu. Majin Buu is easily way stronger than Frieza (at least during their DBZ days), so one would think that with Rilldo being more powerful than Buu, someone like Frieza would have no chance against him. However, all Rilldo’s power was tied to the planet he was connected to, so no planet means no power–and there’s almost no one aside from Lord Beerus better than blowing up planets than Frieza, meaning Dragon Ball’s strongest Android wouldn’t stand a chance against him despite Rilldo’s superior strength.

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