DC’s New Green Arrow Could Do Justice To One Neglected Hero

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The new Green Arrow series could introduce one long-neglected sidekick, who was introduced into the comics only to be immediately killed off.

The upcoming Green Arrow series being produced for DC Comics’ 2023 Dawn of DC initiative should introduce the hero Artemis into the DCU proper. Artemis Crock is best known to fans of the Young Justice animated series as Green Arrow’s second sidekick. She has been also adapted into both the Arrow and Stargirl television series. Despite this, Artemis has yet to be brought into the Green Arrow comics as one of Oliver Queen’s partners in crime-fighting.


The daughter of the supervillains Sportsmaster and Tigress, Artemis Crock had a wildly different background in the comics than in the Young Justice animated series. While the animated Artemis rejected her parents’ teachings, the comic book Artemis Crock embraced them, joining the villain group Injustice Unlimited as the archery-themed villain Artemis and fighting the Justice Society of America. She later adopted her mother’s codename and became the second Tigress.

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How New 52 Teen Titans Fumbled Artemis’ Introduction

New 52 Teen Titans Kills Artemis As Tim Drake Robin Watches

Shortly after Young Justice first aired, the DC Universe was rebooted into the New 52 reality and Artemis was introduced into the comics in 2012’s Teen Titans Annual #1. It was not a long introduction, as she was killed in the same issue, purely to motivate Red Robin. While this Artemis was not given a last name or any kind of backstory, she was clearly inspired by the Artemis Crock of Young Justice, wearing the same distinctive green costume. This was a complete waste of the Artemis character, even ignoring how this story was a prime example of the Women in Refrigerators trope.

How DC’s New Green Arrow Series Can Properly Introduce Artemis

Green Arrow Family and Villains on Green Arrow #1 2023 Cover cropped

While Artemis is not among the many characters featured on the teaser cover of 2023’s Green Arrow #1, there is reason to believe that the new series might introduce her into the DC Universe. The key clue is the appearance of the assassin Jade Nguyen, aka Cheshire, who is wearing a distinctive mask inspired by the Cheshire Cat. This costume was utilized by the Young Justice version of Cheshire, who was also Artemis Crock’s sister. Coincidentally, the same mask design was also recently utilized by Lian Harper, the daughter of Roy “Arsenal” Harper and Cheshire, who adopted the codename Cheshire Cat while serving as Catwoman’s sidekick.

Lian Harper is also prominently featured on the Arrow Family teaser cover, and there is a good deal of mystery regarding her current whereabouts. Introducing her aunt Artemis into the series as an unseen guardian angel who looked out for her niece in secret on the streets of Gotham while trying to catch her sister would be a good way of introducing Artemis into the fold as the newest member of Team Arrow. It would certainly be a better introduction for the beloved Green Arrow sidekick from Young Justice than her fridging in the New 52 Teen Titans comics.

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