Catherine Schetina’s “Pure” Tops the 2022 Black List

admin2021January 8, 2023

A woman-penned script tops the 2022 Black List. Catherine Schetina, best known for writing on acclaimed Hulu kitchen drama “The Bear,” received the most votes on the annual list of Hollywood’s most-liked unproduced screenplays for “Pure.” The script follows a woman who is “obsessed with food purity” as she “decends into madness” after contracting a myserious foodborne illness at her sister’s destination wedding, per its logline. It received 25 votes.

This year’s edition of the Black List consists of 74 scripts by 80 writers. Over 300 film execs contributed their picks.

Tying for the second-most votes, 22, is Hayley Bartel’s “Pumping Black,” the story of a cyclist and a doctor who devise a dangerous training program with the hopes of winning the Tour de France.

Coming in at third with 21 votes is Jean Kyoung Frazier’s “Pizza Girl,” a portrait of a pregnant 18-year-old pizza delivery girl who becomes obsessed with a stay-at-home mother.

Check out the complete 2022 Black List here.

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