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The best team comps for Kirara in Genshin Impact are those that allow her to exercise either of her two possible functions: a support character with shielding abilities or a sub-DPS Dendro enabler capable of spreading the element for the rest of her party to take advantage of. Kirara is a 4-star character from the Inazuma region that was introduced with Version 3.7. She can now be obtained from the limited-time character banners in Phase 1 with a better drop rate and, once it is over, Kirara will be added to the regular pool, which will make her obtainable from any banner.


Kirara’s release in Genshin Impact is yet another move from HoYoverse to expand the roster of playable Dendro characters in the game. The playable Element was officially added to the game with Version 3.0 and the launch of the Sumeru region. So far, there are a total of nine Dendro characters, so providing more options has been a priority for the developer. Of course, simply having Kirara as a Dendro character is not enough, and players who get the new hero should see that they fit her into a proper team.

What Kirara Is Good For In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Kirara, a character with blonde hair and light blue and black clothing. She has two tails that bend to form a heart shape. She also curves her hand like a cat's paw.

Before placing Kirara in a team comp in Genshin Impact, it is essential that they understand how she operates and what she excels at on the field. Kirara can take on two distinct roles. As a support character, she is capable of easily providing a shield for the team through her Elemental Skill, and with its short cooldown period and decent DMG absorption, she can have shields up constantly. Kirara is a great character to use as a support because she will quickly swap in, use her Elemental Skill to shield the party and spread Dendro, and then swap out to allow the rest of the team to operate.

The support role for Kirara best fits a Hyperbloom team, as pointed out by GameWith.

In a team comp, Kirara can also operate by spreading Dendro and acting as a sub-DPS in Genshin Impact, while leaving shielding as a consequence of her primary focus. This role for her is not as effective as the support one, as there are more effective Dendro enablers and sub-DPS, but it is still a valid one that players who want to see her spend more time on the field. With this build, her main sources of DMG will be from her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, which means that will be Dendro DMG as opposed to the Physical DMG from her regular attacks.

Regardless of the chosen role for Genshin Impact’s Kirara in a team comp, the team itself will not be centered around her. As is the case with most parties, the prioritized character should always be the main DPS, as they will be the primary source of damage. All the other characters gradually fit in to amplify the main DPS’ powers, be that with buffs, protection, healing, Elemental spread, or more off-field damage. Of course, Kirara can be used as a main DPS, but that would be hard to build and essentially waste the potential of a more fitting character for the job.

Best Team Comp For Kirara’s Hyperbloom Support Build In Genshin Impact

A photo of Alhaitham from Genshin Impact at Port Ormos, Sumeru

When Kirara’s role in a Genshin Impact team comp is that of a support character, players should consider building a Hyperbloom team to take advantage of the immense amount of damage output that specific Elemental Reaction causes. As suggested by GameWith, this team will need Kirara as a support, an additional Dendro character, a Hydro hero to create Dendro Cores by reacting with Dendro, and an Electro character to trigger the Hyperbloom reaction. This can easily be achieved with Alhaitham as a DPS, Xingqiu as an off-field sub-DPS and Hydro enabler, and Kuki Shinobu as a healer and Electro hero.

This team comp for Kirara in Genshin Impact will see both Alhaitham and Kirara spreading Dendro while Xingqiu’s Hydro powers react with what they put out. This will create Dendro Cores on the field, which should be triggered with Kuki Shinobu’s Electro powers – preferably her Elemental Skill, which puts up the Grass Ring, capable of healing and spreading Electro off-field. If this team comp is not available, there are still plenty of viable alternatives to it, nevertheless. In the meantime, Kirara will shield the team, serving as a support for the team.

What really matters for Kirara’s support team comp is getting in high damage output with two Dendro characters, a Hydro enabler, and an Electro hero to trigger Hyperbloom.

So long as the Elemental spread is maintained, players can customize the team comp for Kirara as much as they like. Xingqiu could be substituted for Yelan, for instance, while Alhaitham could give his place to a DPS build for Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact. This would result in the need for an extra Dendro support, a role that could be occupied by Nahida or Yaoyao, based on preference and availability. Nahida is a great Dendro enabler, capable of dealing a lot of damage through her Elemental Mastery stat, while Yaoyao is a decent spreader who can also heal.

Best Team Comp For Kirara’s Dendro Sub-DPS Build In Genshin Impact

Nilou promotion introduction banner used by Genshin Impact Twitter.

As a sub-DPS, Kirara’s focus in a Genshin Impact team comp will shift slightly away from shielding, and toward contributing to the team’s damage output in a more direct manner. As suggested by Game8, a great way to achieve this is through a Bloom team comp. This team comp will be composed of two Dendro characters and two Hydro heroes. This will deal less damage than a Hyperbloom team but will ensure a higher rate of survivability since Bloom can help with healing.

To build this team comp for Kirara, players can use her as a sub-DPS, paired up with Nilou or Kokomi as the main Hydro DPS. It would be best if they had their Elemental Mastery built as it would help with the damage output once the Bloom reaction is triggered. Additionally, a secondary Hydro character such as Barbara could potentially help with Hydro spread and heals (provided Kokomi is not the chosen DPS). Lastly, players would need to choose a secondary Dendro character in Genshin Impact to help spread it along with Kirara, like Nahida, the Traveler, or Yaoyao.

In this Bloom team comp, Kirara will use the Hold version of her Elemental Skill to inflict more damage rather than just a quick swap-in. Players will see her spend a bit more time on the field, running into opponents in her Urgent Neko Parcel state and dealing damage. It is important to remember that Kirara will still shield the team. Although shielding will not be the main focus, it is still a helpful skill to have active in Genshin Impact.

Source: GameWith, Game8

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