Best Science Fiction Movies Every Student Must Watch!

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If you like to revel in breathtaking adventures while exploring the world of Dwarfs and elves, you might be wondering where to find a comprehensive list of timeless science fiction movies every student must watch. A rare genre is as infinitely imaginative and alluring as science fiction, granting viewers an ethereal experience, a chance to rewind and break out of harsh routines. Rejoice, then! You’ve come to the right place.


We’ve rounded up the best jewels of the genre, from end-of-the-world movies that subtly comment on today’s ecological problems to futuristic films that are as hopeful as they’re intimidating. Let’s dive right in!



Christopher Nolan’s thought-provoking celebro-tech thriller hit was shot in 2010, yet it never loses its eminence. A winner of multiple Academy Awards in several nominations, Inception is a must-see for any sci-fi enthusiast. The film masterfully portrays the tension and nausea indispensable to everyday life, how the process is itself important, how dreams and reality intertwine, and how we struggle to live through chaos. Nolan’s imagined world is breathtaking, and in all these years, we’ve seen hardly any sci-fi film come close.


If you wish to get lost in uncertainty, never get black-and-white answers, and be left with substance to think about, watch Inception if you haven’t already done so. You’ve probably felt that piercing sense of dread when having to wake up to your alarm clock, leaving behind a hypnotic dream. Sci-fi films like Inception allow you to immerse yourself in a world where reality and fantasy have no boundaries.



There is nothing unusual about sci-fi-films commenting on human’s over-reliance on technology and the threats that come with it. A plethora of films has been shot portraying persons falling in love with computers, wrily commenting on a thin line between personal and digital identities, on the potentially uncontrollable power we grant to the digital, and more. But films that truly manage to touch the innermost parts of the human heart are few and far between. Her is one such extraordinary sci-fi movie.


For all its breathy emotion and understated criticism, this subtle satire about falling in love with a mobile phone is sure to leave you dazzled. Whether you need to re-energize after a long day at college or honing a healthy writing life through rigorous practice, Her is here to grant you a safe haven from all things routine. You’ll meet a guy who drifts further and further apart from human interaction, enticed by the whimsical yet hopeful world. The film brims with an exhilarating significance enough for inspiring profound thought.


The Matrix

Matrix has it all. Action, mesmerizing special effects, potent commentary on the technology-driven society, pseudo-conspiracy theories, drama, hope- it’s all there. One can easily run out of words when enumerating the merits this exemplar sci-fi movie brings! Anyone wishing to stay alert in the context of ever-pervasive technology, as well as to experience some genius touches to cinematography, should make sure to watch this brilliant film. The red pill and the blue pill signify today’s overt emphasis on classification and regulation, while top-notch performances pierce the human soul. 


Wrapping Up       

We all need to refresh our senses once in a while. Science fiction is a cherished art that holds immense potential for transporting us to faraway places, ensuring intellectual substance while bringing exhilaration and joy. And when three three go hand in hand, miraculous things can happen! Be sure to check out our handpicked list of the best science fiction movies every student must watch if you’re looking for a meaningful film that can easily reset your senses.

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