Avatar 3 Is Completely Reversing The First Avatar’s Formula

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The first Avatar movie had a pretty clear dynamic of good and evil, but director James Cameron is teasing that that may change in Avatar 3.

Avatar: The Way of Water continued many of its predecessor’s themes and story elements, but Avatar 3 is gearing up to flip the first Avatar’s formula completely. The Avatar series has an incredibly complex world and deep, interesting characters, but when it comes to the dynamic of good and evil, Avatar tends to stick to a pretty clear-cut interpretation. However, Avatar: The Way of Water teased that some characters may explore the moral greys in the franchise’s future, with Avatar 3 completely reversing how some characters are portrayed.


Avatar: The Way of Water sees the return of Colonel Quaritch to Pandora, this time in a synthetic Avatar body, in an attempt to hunt down and kill Jake Sully. However, Quaritch’s plan gets complicated when he realizes that his human son, Spider, was left behind on Pandora, with the child raised by the Omatikaya Na’vi. The Na’vi’s hatred of humans was well established in the original Avatar, so having a human live among them adds an interesting layer to the film’s story that will be explored in future films.

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Avatar 3 Will Feature Good Humans And Bad Na’vi

Avatar Way of Water Jake sully Navi Earth

Although the Avatar franchise has stereotyped all Na’vi as morally good heroes and all humans as evil, Avatar 3 is about to change that. When talking about his plans for the franchise’s future, James Cameron teased the possibility of evil Na’vi, saying, “I want to show the Na’vi from another angle because, so far, I have only shown their good sides. In the early films, there are very negative human examples and very positive Na’vi examples. In Avatar 3, we will do the opposite.” With Avatar 3 set to introduce a new fire-based clan of Na’vi, the potential for evil Na’vi makes the upcoming continuation of Avatar: The Way of Water even more exciting.

Having negative representations of Na’vi and positive representations of humans will do a lot to make the story of Avatar 3 even deeper. In the first two films, essentially, no non-Avatar Na’vi does anything wrong, making the group seem like an almost flawless race of aliens. On the other hand, the evils of the RDA in the Avatar series are presented as being the product of individual humans rather than systemic issues. Painting the Na’vi and the humans with such broad brushes is a disservice to the films, and it’s good to know that Avatar 3 will feature a more complex story dynamic.

Avatar 2 Already Set Up This New Na’vi Dynamic

Spider In Avatar The Way Of Water

The new dynamic in Avatar 3 shouldn’t be too shocking, as it was already teased in Avatar: The Way of Water. Some Na’vi disagree with taking Spider in, with Neytiri even seeming as though she rejects him as her son. These tough conversations would realistically cause conflict among the Na’vi, and Avatar 3 could explore this intriguing new storyline.

Spider himself is also an exciting way to explore the moral dynamics of the human on Pandora. Although he is undoubtedly on the side of the Na’vi throughout the film, Spider helps Commander Quaritch survive at the end of the film, hinting that his human sympathies may lead the character down a villainous path. The Na’vi will most likely disagree on how to handle Spider and the other humans, meaning that the story of Avatar: The Way of Water has perfectly set up the good humans and bad Na’vi that James Cameron has teased will be in Avatar 3.

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