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Robots are already making a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. The Roomba vacuum cleaner was the first domestic robot, and now there’s everything from drones and kitchen robots to self-driving cars and robots in sports. What if robotics could help people become better artists? Believe it or not, this technology is already available. Students, hobbyists, doodlers, and professional artists can choose from a range of artistic robotics to enhance their work.

These are the top six robots designed to help anyone create better artwork, develop artistic skills, or automate artwork creation.

1–Evil Mad Scientist Robots

The Evil Mad Scientist product line includes the AxiDraw Personal Writing & Drawing Robot, the Magnetic Easel, and other accessories. This robotic pen plotter uses markers, painting pens, and other tools to cover paper, cards, and envelopes of any size up to 8.3” × 11.7”.

The robot works with open-source software. No programming is needed. Artists have designed sign certificates, created greeting cards, written personalized notes, drawn prototypes, and transcribed original artwork onto vinyl – and that’s just the beginning of this robot’s capabilities.

2–Design Robot

The makers of Scribit Design Robot boast that this is the world’s first write and erase robot. With this robot, artists aren’t limited to paper as a medium. They can use a wall made of plaster, a dry erase board, or glass as their creative canvas.

Artists can explore the 1,000 pre-made designs, or they can design their own. The best thing about this robot is that work can be erased and redrawn as many times as one likes. Users have created portraits, abstract designs, cartoons, architectural drawings, motivational wall art, and more thanks to the flexible design.

3–Educational Robot Eggy 2

The Educational Robot Eggy 2 is perfect for young kids 3-8 years old. This egg-shaped robot has a magnetic arm to help children learn math and English while having fun drawing and coloring. Children can follow along as the robot shows them how to make simple shapes and characters step by step. The talking robot includes interactive learning cards that are easy for kids to scan before beginning each lesson.

4–Doodle Bot Drawing Robot

Anyone who loves to doodle will be entertained for hours with the DIY Doodle Bot Drawing Robot. It’s much cheaper and easier to use than other drawing robots, so it’s an excellent choice for those just beginning to explore robotic art. Educators can use the Doodle Bot to teach students about art and technology as part of STEAM programs.

This robot comes unassembled. The wheels, gears, motors, and other parts are fun to put together. The Doodle Bot is battery-powered, remote-controlled, and uses crayons, jumbo chalk, or dry erase markers to help creative minds generate art. It can be modified to add more functionality for advanced home activities.

5–Original Deluxe Edition

This beginner-friendly robot looks nothing like an egg. It’s called an EggBot because it draws on egg-shaped objects. This is great because not everyone wants to be limited to drawing on flat surfaces. Artists can let their creative juices flow and not worry about the nearly impossible task of working with curves.

Users create unique personalized gifts and decorative items using golf balls, wine glasses, light bulbs, Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, and more with this versatile robot.

6–Creating Art Using Robot Arms

The Dobot Robotic Arm and the Rotrics DexArm Maker Robotic Arm are precise multipurpose robots, perfect for DIY art projects! They can draw, paint, write, and also be used for 3D printing, laser cutting, etc. Users can take their projects to the next level, mixing textures or techniques!

Also, the AL5D Robotic Arm Kit for STEM education robot projects has a fast and powerful pattern sequencer that can be programmed to produce art, too. The Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) – 4 DoF Robotic Arm is a fully functional, scaled-down version of an industrial robotic arm. It is quite versatile and good for those who are looking to program a robot for art creations. Users can create works of art with the ready-to-use software or program the robotic arm for any purpose, just like this member that created a Chess Playing Robot with it. 

Color-Matching Sensor for Artists

The Nix 2-Color Sensor is not a robot, but is a tool that can be used as inspiration while creating robot paintings and drawings. The color-matching sensor scans colors on objects and then matches them to paint brands (e.g., Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, PPG) or digital color codes (e.g., RGB, CMYK, HEX). Artists can import color libraries, compare and export scans for safekeeping, and browse curated color palettes. The sensor is compatible with several apps and comes in both a portable version and a professional version.

Tap into your creative side by trying out one of our artistic robots. RobotShop, the Amazon of Robotics, was recognized as one of the Top 10 Robotic Solutions Providers in 2021. We pride ourselves on “putting robotics at your service” by making robots more accessible to average consumers. Have you used robots at home or in the workplace yet?

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