10 ‘Queer Eye’ Transformations to Watch Before Season 7

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Colorful, queer, and full of energy, Netflix’s Queer Eye burst onto our screens and into our hearts in 2018. Since then, the reboot has remained immensely popular, with the show winning the Outstanding Structured Reality Program Emmy five years in a row.

Before you settle in for Season 7, why not binge on some of the Fab Five’s best transformations? From an Australian farmer to a Japanese hospice nurse and an American dog groomer, join Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, and Karamo Brown as they change lives.



10 “Yass, Australia!” — Minisode

Karamo helps George on Queer Eye

The Fab Five take a trip down under to rural town Yass (yes, it’s real), where they meet local farmer George. George transforms from a scruffy “Aussie Marlboro Man” to a rosy-cheeked and smiling cowboy ready to take on the world.

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George’s nervous energy around the guys is sweet and endearing, and you can see his confidence blossom. It’s even more tear-inducing when George tells his son, Levi, that he inspires him, and Levi tears up. The pair then hug smiles plastered across their faces. Yes, hunny!

9 “Groomer Has It” — Season 5, Episode 2

Rahanna Gray does a doggy fashion show with Queer Eye hosts

Dog groomer Rahanna desperately needs help as she tries to keep her business afloat in a broken, 23-year-old RV. The guys give Rahanna, her business, and her home a magical makeover that any dog owner would adore.

Viewers will love Rahanna’s energy and her lovely smile when she finally embraces her height. But perhaps the most iconic moment is when the guys throw a doggy fashion show decorated from paw to ear in Stylish Pooch’s new bright pink logo.

8 “Disabled, But Not Really” — Season 4, Episode 2

Disabled But Not Really queer eye bobby berk and wesley

The guys arrive in Kansas City to help Wesley, a wheelchair user who needs an extra boost of confidence to achieve his dreams. While Bobby renovates his home to make it more accessible, the others help him face his past, cook a delicious meal, and present a professional image for his fundraising event.

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Wesley’s beautiful smile is infectious, and there are so many moments when he opens up and asks for hugs from the guys. Wesley doesn’t let his wheelchair stop him and teaches people that “it’s okay…to be different and comfortable in your own skin.”

7 “Japanese Holiday” — ‘We’re in Japan!’, Episode 1

Karamo Brown and Yoko Sakuma ride on a vespa - Queer Eye

Kind, caring, and funny, Yoko runs a hospice out of her home and has even given up her bedroom for her patients. The Fab Five arrive and fill her with confidence, love, and the joy she rightly deserves. (And she gets her room back!)

Yoko said she’d always wanted to dress like Audrey Hepburn, and Tan does just that. Viewers will love her reaction as her face lights up, saying she feels graceful and elegant in her new outfit. Karamo takes it one step further by taking her for a drive in a Vespa, the same car that Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck drive in her favorite movie Roman Holiday.

6 “A Decent Proposal” — Season 2, Episode 2

Jonathan Van Ness and William Menkin sit on a couch - Queer Eye

William is trapped in the ’70s with his style and desperately wants to propose to his girlfriend, Shannon, but fears heartbreak and rejection. The Fab Five swoop in and change his life completely, giving him the confidence he needs to take the next step in his life.

Johnathan works his magic on William, and his transformation is truly jaw-dropping. This is then followed by an Oscar-worthy proposal that William filmed and made into a movie. According to Netflix, the couple is still together today and thriving. Somebody pass us the tissues.

5 A Legend In The Baking — Season 6, Episode 9

Sarah Lim smiles at OMG Squee - Queer Eye

Describing herself as a “kitchen troll,” Sarah tries to keep her adorable bakery running after it was vandalized and the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll. The guys take Sarah under their wing, giving her the confidence she needs to be the face of her newly transformed business.

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Aside from the guys drooling and screaming over Sarah’s cute pastries, there are so many heartwarming scenes in this episode. As an Asian-American business owner, Sarah learns to embrace her heritage and hopes that her food continues to break down bigotry.

4 “The Ideal Woman” — ‘We’re In Japan!’, Episode 3

Kae stands with comedian Naomi Watanabe - Queer Eye

Kae is an aspiring manga illustrator and longs to create art for Japanese publishers. Her lack of confidence in herself, caused by years of bullying, caused her to dismiss opportunities and avoid challenges to avoid failure. The Fab Five help Kae and make her see just how beautiful and talented she actually is.

Viewers will be blown away by Kae’s talent and root for her success the whole episode. Kae even received special advice from one of Japan’s most beloved celebrities, comedian Naomi Watanabe, on how to love yourself and your body. Yas queen!

3 “Crazy In Love” — ‘We’re in Japan!’, Episode 2

Kan and Bobby Berk walking in Tokyo - Queer Eye

As a gay man in Japan, Kan struggles to truly be himself until the guys arrive. With new-found confidence, Kan introduces his boyfriend of two years to his family. The episode ends with Kan and his boyfriend holding hands — aw!

Tan helps Kan to live out his dream closet in mesmerizing prints and pops of color. When the guys go to leave, Kan tears up and thanks them for coming to Japan. Before you break into tears, Netflix says that Kan moved to the United Kingdom to be with Tom, and the pair tied the knot in 2021.

2 “Craw-Zaddy” — Season 6, Episode 5

Todd, Bobby and Jonathan in Plookys - Queer Eye

“It’s too easy to exist and too hard to live,” says Todd, owner of Plooky’s Cajun Boiling Pot in Texas. Todd is wrapped in his grief when the Fab Five arrives, but he’s open and ready for change, and, wow, is the transformation stunning.

Rightly dubbed as “craw-zaddy” by the guys, Todd is speechless as he walks into his new restaurant, hugging Bobby with tears in his eyes. This episode will warm your heart and remind you of the beauty of life and all it has to offer.

1 “You Can’t Fix Ugly” — Season 1, Episode 1

Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown and Tom Jackson smiling - Queer Eye

Queer Eye’s very first hero, Tom, struggles with his confidence after leaving his ex-wife Abbey. He desperately wants her back but heartbreakingly declares, “you can’t fix ugly” to the guys. Tom slowly gets his confidence back, and it’s a joy to see him transform and feel handsome again.

This transformation is a must-watch for fans of the show and reminds us how much the Fab Five can change people’s lives. Tom’s eyes are brighter, he’s smiling, and he stands taller after his makeover, giving him the push he needs to get Abbey back. Sadly Tom passed away in March 2023; his obituary reading, “Please watch season 1, episode 1 of Queer Eye on Netflix and tell others about it in honor of Tom.”

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