1 BTS Detail Reveals The Secret Reason Michael Bay’s Transformers Works

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Even though the franchise eventually flopped, one behind-the-scenes detail reveals why Michael Bay’s first Transformers movie worked so well.

One behind-the-scenes detail reveals the reason why Michael Bay’s original Transformers works so well. Michael Bay began his film career in 1980 as a production intern working under George Lucas, filing storyboards for Raiders of the Lost Ark. After watching the finished film in theaters, he dreamed of becoming a director. His dream came true in 1995, after working on dozens of commercials and music videos, with the release of his directorial debut, Bad Boys, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Bad Boys‘ massive financial success led to even bigger and more bombastic films from Michael Bay, such as The Rock and, eventually, Transformers.


Bay was initially hesitant about directing Transformers. The producers did not want Michael Bay to read Transformers’ first draft, fearing that it would scare him off the project. However, he was persuaded by the opportunity to work with the man who inspired his dream to direct movies, Steven Spielberg, once again. Ultimately the choice of Michael Bay as the director of Transformers paid off, with the film grossing over $700 million, becoming the fifth highest-grossing film of 2007, and receiving three nominations at the 80th Academy Awards the following year.

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Why Transformers Needed A Team Like Michael Bay’s


The secret to Transformers‘ success is Michael Bay’s production team. In the behind-the-scenes documentary, The Making of Transformers, it is revealed that Transformers was filmed purposefully in the United States so that Michael Bay could utilize his regular crew for the film’s production. Many of the crew members on Transformers had already been working with Michael Bay for upwards of a decade and, as such, the production of the film was unusually smooth for a massive Hollywood blockbuster.

Michael Bay directs movies with a unique approach. He is far more hands-on than many of his contemporaries, often earning a camera operator credit on his movies, including Transformers. The combination of his efficient directing style and a team who are incredibly familiar with how he works often results in a significantly shorter shooting schedule than films of a comparable scale. For example, Transformers was shot in 83 days, whereas Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, which was also released in 2007, took well over 100 days to film. Michael Bay’s quick shooting style also means that he can make films for cheaper than they seem, due to his more condensed schedule.

Transformers Needed A Bay Movie Reboot (Even If Later Movies Flopped)

Michael Bay from Transformers

Transformers needed a director like Michael Bay for its 2007 reboot, even if the later movies in the franchise flopped. The combination of his more realistic vision for the franchise, including brutal deaths for Autobots like Jazz, and fast shooting style meant that Transformers not only worked from a creative standpoint but was also more likely to be a financial success, as Bay would ensure a cheaper production on the 2007 movie than other directors. Michael Bay utilizing his usual production team on Transformers was the secret to the film’s success, as it meant that he could direct the movie in his usual, efficient style.

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